Card Delivery Service
Are you a chronic shopper for belated birthday cards? Do you always remember birthdays at the last moment when it's too late to stick it in the mail and get there in time? Nieces and nephews, grandchildren, godchildren, co-workers, best friend's kids, in-laws....there is an endless list of people who should get a card from you for all sorts of occassions.
LizzyJDesigns would like to help you with a solution to your birthday card woes! We provide a unique service to makes sure you never forget all those birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc. again!

How it works

  • After you purchase a package, you will receive a email with an order number and directions on how to populate your cards list.
  • Choose a card you would like to send to each person on your list.
  • LizzyJDesigns will send you the chosen card for each occasion with stamped envelope (if you wish) at least 10 days before the date of the occasion. Don't worry, we'll remind you who the card is for and even send you a reminder email before we ship it out in case you change your mind on the card.
  • Just write a message, sign, seal and send! We'll even include an adressed and stamped envelope.
  • This is a great way to receive a reminder of someone's birthday in the mail and have a card ready pop in the mail or give to them!


    Rates include name and occasion reminder in the mail, cards, matching envelopes with U.S. first class postage (if specified) and all postage required to send to you.
    You may decide to move up one package any time during your year of service, but you cannot decrease your package.
    If you decide to add a few more cards than allotted in your package to your list, you must purchase one package up. For instance, you sign up in January for 16-25 cards and in June decide to add cards to your list and need 27 cards total for the year, you must purchase the 26-35 card package and pay the difference, an additional $25 ($105-$80= $25).

    Number of Cards/Year Price for 1 Year
    10 to 15 $50
    16 to 25 $80
    26 to 35 $105
    36 to 45 $130

    We offer a minimum of 10 cards per year. If you would like to try this service, we offer a trial for $20 where you can choose up to 6 cards within one month. If you decide you love not having to run to the store just to buy a birthday card, then continue our service for the rest of the year.

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    Custom Orders
    LizzJDesigns is happy to provide consultation for your wedding invitations or any occassion you may need special handmade stationery for--large or small. Please use the contact form to inquire about a custom order.